Staying Sane Living in a Politically Divided Country

The past few years have left some countries, the United States in particular, more divided than ever. Once close friends and family members have become bitter enemies. The media is drowning in spin. Moderates are growing rarer as left- and right-wing extremists take increasingly greater portions of the spotlight. Who isn’t at odds with atContinue reading “Staying Sane Living in a Politically Divided Country”

Checking Our Perspective

It’s amazing what a difference even a tiny shift in view can sometimes make. Most of us do our best to see ourselves and others through balanced lenses, but nobody’s perfect, and even the most rational and reasonable of people can have irrational and unreasonable moments. It’s easy to misjudge situations, other people and theContinue reading “Checking Our Perspective”

Living in Gratitude

Happiness can feel like elusive term when we’re in the midst of depression and other mental health roadblocks. Even the smallest joys can seem forever out of reach. To compensate, we may find ourselves seeking out imaginary milestones, goals we believe will have the power to change our state of being, instead of searching withinContinue reading “Living in Gratitude”