Raise Your Vibe!

Happiness exists on a spectrum, and where we sit on it can shift and evolve over time. Some people live in constant states of negativity, caught in low-vibe ruts that can present as grumpiness, depression, anxiety and self-pity. Others seem to exude sunshine, smiling through the darkest days and endlessly seeking out the silver linings.

We can develop certain defaults that either expand or limit our mood variability at any given time, and we each have specific windows we’re able to work within. We may not be able to raise our defaults to extents that solve every one of life’s problems, but we can adjust our perspectives in ways that help us face our difficulties with greater balance.

Finding Perspective

I lived in a low-vibe state for many years, and I tried multiple approaches to lift myself out—antidepressants, psychotherapy, self-help books, workbooks—all of which left me feeling mired in failure. I wanted to be happy, but it seemed as though too much was holding me back. I felt powerless, and so I lived my life accordingly.

Now, looking back on those dark days, I can see how much power I’d actually held over myself. My negative expectations had manifested fear, depression, anxiety and ruin at every turn. I had a dark cloud over my head, and I had no idea that I’d put it there. Over time, it became my default, and it left me empty, draining to be around and downright miserable as a human being.

Sound even remotely familiar? If so, you don’t have to suffer. I know it seems impossible, but you can raise yourself back up into a place of positivity, love and light. The fire in your spirit is still burning, even if it’s been reduced to a smolder. Decide today that it’s time to refuel.

Getting Started

Raising your vibe isn’t technically hard—but it takes persistence to pay off. Small steps might not seem meaningful, but they can add up. Try doing at least one of the following each day for a month and see what happens:

  • Pay someone a genuine compliment.
  • Make one step toward an important goal.
  • Clean or declutter a room.
  • Compile a gratitude list.
  • Do something creative.
  • Pet a friendly animal.
  • Plant a seed, potted flower or sapling.
  • Meditate, breathe deeply or find a moment simply to be.
  • Practice self-care.
  • Do a good deed or volunteer your time to a good cause.
  • Sing and/or dance with all you have.
  • Reconnect with nature.
  • Exercise until you sweat.
  • Reject a vice.
  • Dress in a nice outfit.
  • Read or watching something inspiring.
  • Smile at everyone who crosses your path.
  • Smile at your reflection in the mirror.
  • State a positive affirmation.
  • Find a recipe for your favorite food and make it to share with loved ones.
  • Soak in a hot bath or shower.
  • Face a fear.

These simple actions might not look like they will amount to much, but they set intentions that can drive daily outlook and add balance to our perspective.

Our thoughts ultimately fuel how we feel—and if we frame our days around positive thoughts, our moods will slowly but eventually follow suit. It takes time to fall into a low-vibe rut, and it also takes time to climb out of one.

Be patient and persistent; this must be an intentional, mindful effort. You are fighting for your happiness, and no battle worth winning is easy. You may need to sacrifice a few tears and a bit of sweat to get there, but the rewards could be immeasurable. You’re worth it.

You can do it. Have faith in yourself.

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