7 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life

Burnout happens. We all do our best to keep our heads in the game, but life can be discouraging, even downright exhausting, at times. The ruts will always be there, and we will inevitably fall into at least one of them throughout this journey. A setback might feel like an impasse, and the obstacles weContinue reading “7 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life”

Language of Transformation

It’s easy to underestimate the power of words. After all, they only hold as much meaning as we grant them, and society must agree on the terms. Still, they can evoke deep emotion, even color or alter our views. I remember when I was little, and my dad taught me that silly rhyme: Sticks andContinue reading “Language of Transformation”

When Good Sleep Hygiene Alone Isn’t Enough

A good sleep hygiene routine can go a long way in eliminating insomnia, but it doesn’t always cover every source of the problem. Sleepless nights can result from a wide range of issues, so if you’re seemingly doing everything right but still not sleeping, something else could be going on. When good sleep hygiene aloneContinue reading “When Good Sleep Hygiene Alone Isn’t Enough”

Fixing Poor Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is one of those basic necessities no one fully appreciates until insomnia strikes and a restful night feels like it might stay forever out of reach. According to the CDC, insomnia affects just over 35% of adults—that’s more than one-third of us tossing and turning at night at any given time. Stress and medicalContinue reading “Fixing Poor Sleep Hygiene”

5 Things That Bar Us From Lasting Happiness

No one wants to be unhappy. Each of us is looking for lasting fulfillment, even if our end goals might be different. Still, many of us fall into patterns that fail to serve us, and from where we stand, we may not be aware of how much these behaviors are holding us back. We allContinue reading “5 Things That Bar Us From Lasting Happiness”

Conquer the Fears Holding You Back

I lived the majority of my life in fear—but it wasn’t because my parents beat me or that I lived in a dangerous neighborhood. My life of fear stemmed from the most volatile question a person could possibly live by: “What if…?” Never did a potential threat pass by without my brain homing in onContinue reading “Conquer the Fears Holding You Back”

Rise Like the Phoenix

Personal growth can be a long and difficult process, and the growing pains can sometimes feel like too much to bear. When times get tough, and it feels like there’s nowhere left to turn, giving up might look like the only option. That’s when it’s time to rise like the phoenix. It’s not always easy,Continue reading “Rise Like the Phoenix”

How to Cut the Social Media Cord

Whether you just want to take a break, or you’re looking to cut out social media completely, backing away can be easier said than done. We all have different reasons for the decision, but the general goal is to improve mental and physical health by increasing the overall balance in our lives. Getting started isContinue reading “How to Cut the Social Media Cord”

3 Biggest Reasons to Dump Social Media

For all it’s done to connect the world, social media has left a remarkably large mess in its wake. What began as a means to stay in touch with friends and family has exploded into multiple political and ideological platforms, and few people have been able to escape the noise. We’re left with a bogContinue reading “3 Biggest Reasons to Dump Social Media”

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself When Life Gets Tough

My life hasn’t been always been easy. I’ve faced a lot of hurdles, and a few of them nearly did me in. There are so many times when I could’ve given up on finding any kind of success. I’ve worn several hats trying to find my way, and more than one path I’ve taken hasContinue reading “The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself When Life Gets Tough”