Language of Transformation

It’s easy to underestimate the power of words. After all, they only hold as much meaning as we grant them, and society must agree on the terms. Still, they can evoke deep emotion, even color or alter our views. I remember when I was little, and my dad taught me that silly rhyme: Sticks andContinue reading “Language of Transformation”

Conquer the Fears Holding You Back

I lived the majority of my life in fear—but it wasn’t because my parents beat me or that I lived in a dangerous neighborhood. My life of fear stemmed from the most volatile question a person could possibly live by: “What if…?” Never did a potential threat pass by without my brain homing in onContinue reading “Conquer the Fears Holding You Back”

Living in Gratitude

Happiness can feel like elusive term when we’re in the midst of depression and other mental health roadblocks. Even the smallest joys can seem forever out of reach. To compensate, we may find ourselves seeking out imaginary milestones, goals we believe will have the power to change our state of being, instead of searching withinContinue reading “Living in Gratitude”

Real Self-Care

Today’s hectic world can have us so caught up with getting or staying ahead, we can allow our own needs to fall to the wayside. We may view self-care as an optional add-on to our busy days, and then we wonder why we feel like we’re attempting to tread water in quicksand. We need toContinue reading “Real Self-Care”