5 Ways Simply to Be

Today’s fast-paced world can leave us little time for self-care, and when most of us have more stress on our plates than we know what to do with, we can wind up running ourselves into the ground. Work, home life and even meeting our basic needs can put our thoughts everywhere but in the present,Continue reading “5 Ways Simply to Be”

5 Reasons to STOP Making New Year’s Resolutions

You know the drill. Out with the old; in with the new. Time for a fresh start and a new you, right? Wrong! Every year, countless people across the globe share their New Year’s resolutions in the hopes of making major changes they’ve been putting off. And every year, the majority of them don’t evenContinue reading “5 Reasons to STOP Making New Year’s Resolutions”

When Life Gets in the Way of… Well, Life

There are only so many hours in the day, and no matter how well we plan or organize ourselves, unexpected hurdles will eventually find a way to impede the path. We can only anticipate so much, and each of us can only pile our plates so high before the contents topple over and create aContinue reading “When Life Gets in the Way of… Well, Life”

Song for the Spirit

When was the last time you lost yourself in song? Music is the one true universal language, with the power even to move small creatures. I had a cat who would curl up against the stereo speakers whenever I put on classical music. A close family member once made a connection with a jumping spiderContinue reading “Song for the Spirit”

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself When Life Gets Tough

My life hasn’t been always been easy. I’ve faced a lot of hurdles, and a few of them nearly did me in. There are so many times when I could’ve given up on finding any kind of success. I’ve worn several hats trying to find my way, and more than one path I’ve taken hasContinue reading “The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself When Life Gets Tough”

Be Your Own Biggest Advocate

This world isn’t always the most forgiving place, and we can’t always count on other people to be there for us every time we need them. Nearly everyone is feeling spread thin these days, and even our greatest advocates will sometimes find they’ve piled their plates too high. We need to be able to speakContinue reading “Be Your Own Biggest Advocate”