A Message Worth Sharing

I’m not one to spend much time on social media, and I typically don’t stop to watch videos and other viral clips most people share on the various platforms. There is a storm of negativity and division out there, one I have no interest in contributing to or allowing any influence over me. A lot of what is driving the madness currently stems from that all-powerful “Share” button. Still, there are people out there who wish to foster well-being amidst all the angst.

I clicked on this particular video because the friend who initially shared it has, I believe, been on a journey similar to mine, and my gut told me it could be worthwhile. And while much of the message might be redundant if you’ve already been on a path of healthy, active, mindful living, it might also serve as a reinforcement if you’re looking for a bit of added direction.

Dr. Gabor Maté draws from numerous ideologies in his short speech, some not everyone might agree with but others more broadly relatable. However, the point is a good one: There are numerous aspects to maintaining good health and a positive mindset, and we must find balance between them all in order to keep our minds and bodies at their healthiest possible states.

What do you think are the most important components to good health and well-being?

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