5 Ways Simply to Be

Today’s fast-paced world can leave us little time for self-care, and when most of us have more stress on our plates than we know what to do with, we can wind up running ourselves into the ground. Work, home life and even meeting our basic needs can put our thoughts everywhere but in the present,Continue reading “5 Ways Simply to Be”

Rise Like the Phoenix

Personal growth can be a long and difficult process, and the growing pains can sometimes feel like too much to bear. When times get tough, and it feels like there’s nowhere left to turn, giving up might look like the only option. That’s when it’s time to rise like the phoenix. It’s not always easy,Continue reading “Rise Like the Phoenix”

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself When Life Gets Tough

My life hasn’t been always been easy. I’ve faced a lot of hurdles, and a few of them nearly did me in. There are so many times when I could’ve given up on finding any kind of success. I’ve worn several hats trying to find my way, and more than one path I’ve taken hasContinue reading “The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself When Life Gets Tough”

Growing Pains

Life is a journey, and change is the only real constant we can count on. We each, as individuals, can move in one of only two directions: We can progress and grow alongside life’s curveballs, or we can become stagnant and brooding and watch the world pass us by. We all want to keep movingContinue reading “Growing Pains”

Letting Go

Life can seem unreasonably unfair at times. In a perfect world, every person would answer for their crimes, and every person would know the satisfaction of seeing the Universe right itself after every wrong. Instant karma isn’t always in the cards. We don’t always get the resolution we were hoping for, and sometimes closure neverContinue reading “Letting Go”